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Bitumen Sprayer

Bitumen Sprayer is a machine that aid in the managed spraying of bitumen on the surface subsequent to the laying of hot mix asphalt. Either building a new road or repairing an existing one, these machines are an essential part of every contractor. Since this would include the use of bitumen, a sensitive substance, the equipment must be used with caution. Bitumen has unique properties, and experienced road builders understand that it must be treated with caution. Mismanagement can result in an accident as well as waste. As a result, the Bitumen Sprayer should be used with proper protection.
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Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

Price: 355000.00 INR/Piece

Trolley mounted Bitumen/Emulison sprayer for Road Construcion Works. We have 2500LTR to 3000 Ltr capacity based.

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Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer

Price: 350000.00 INR/Unit

Bitumen -Emulsion Sprayer machine for road constriction

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Tar Boiler with Sprayer

Price: 575000.00 INR/Unit

Bitumen Bowser, Bitumen Boiler with sprayer, Bitumen Pressure distirbutor, Bitumen Emulsion sprayer

Product Image (RISS6000)

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Price: 600000.00 INR/Piece

Truck mounted Base useable Bitumen Sprayer Machine with 6000 LTR to 10,000 LTR capacity.

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Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

Price: 598000 INR/Piece

Truck mounted bitumen Sprayer (BPD) -6000 LTR